Let the grass grow beneath your feet: Trinity Art Gallery

For those who travel, for those who dream of travel and for those who choose to remain in one place. 


What happens when the dreamer who became the traveller, stops and allows the grass to grow beneath his feet? 


The seeker without, becomes the seeker within and instead of  finding, he is found. 




16 years ago I painted and exhibited in my first solo art show in Poland Street, Soho. My plan was to do the show and then continue my travelling lifestyle by spending a few months in New Zealand. But then a very good friend of mine, having witnessed the success of my show suggested: 


“Why don’t you stay put for a while? Instead of embarking on another journey why don’t you stay in one place, let the grass grow beneath your feet and see what comes to you.” 


This sentiment resonated deep within me. It felt like an internal chime had been sounded which rang through my body and it felt very good. I decided against going to New Zealand and instead I would stay in London. 


So many great things happened as a result of taking this action. The formation of Trinity Art Studios at Trinity Buoy Wharf lead into the formation of the galleries at London City Island and Goodluck Hope. During this time I’ve met and been able to work with hundreds of artists. 


This exhibition is therefore is a celebration of this process. The artists exhibiting are a collective representing the many wonderful people I’ve worked with. It is by no means a definitive list. but it does reflect the reality of what happened when I decided to stay in one place and let the grass grow beneath my feet. 


Ian Robert Felton
Artist and Curator
Trinity Art Studios & Gallery