‘It is the colours and shapes of landscapes that intrigue me at the very beginning of a painting. The persistent question being,  ‘How could I put these visual sensations that I see in front of me onto a canvas in paint?’

The development of idea through paint is what appeals to me most.


When I was painting in London, pre-2008, I solely wanted to concentrate on the medium of paint on a flat surface, I never set out to be a ‘Landscape Painter’.


It felt natural that my paintings began to focus on the landscape that surrounded me.  I didn’t paint in a ‘descriptive’ or ‘narrative’ manner, a building, a rooftop, a graveyard, a tree are all chosen because of their visual qualities.


After leaving London in 2008, I worked in Rome. Moving allowed me to continue the themes established within my London paintings, old and modern, as well as be close to the vegetation within the city.


In 2014, I moved to Vienna, to consolidate my London work, alongside my Italian journey.  Austria has very defined seasons that helped me realise the seasonal element to my paintings. Also, the city is surrounded by the Wienerwald, an unfamiliar territory. The un-known is a quality that I like to be present within my work.