"I admire how the tactility of clay can act as a palette to express emotions. The clay can translate my inner feelings out into the open, making them tangible."

Remi Russo is an emerging ceramic artist based in London. He started working with clay since 2012, and has a formal background in ceramics from Central Saint Martins, Uk.
"At the core of my practice is exploring the embedded connection between emotional expression, and surface treatment. Promoting the consciousness of feeling present, my work raises the awareness and creative value to rely on our emotions.
I have grown up being an empathetic person, so clay has been the mechanism I needed to articulate my presence. Landscapes, company, poetry and emotional bonds - those are my sources of inspiration.
I give shape and form to the amorphous emotions, and consider using clay as my canvas to translate them physically. The related marks on my sculptures contrasts with the textures I convey".