Rita Krupaviciute’s recent research involves exploring nature in relation to old trees, landscapes and marinas, to create new narratives and fictitious stories. There are three stages in her creative process: the physical object that inspires her, creative drawing that is heavily based on her perception and the final oil painting on canvas. Rita combines subjects of interest like landscapes and the figurative to open new possibilities to create fantastical worlds, colours, feelings and subconscious happy accidents within her artworks.


Creative expression

Impressed by nature’s artistic qualities and influenced by German figurative expressionism, Fauvism rich colours and futuristic ideas of movement in time and space, Rita Krupaviciute develops her own unique painting style centering around humanity being a part of nature and the Universe. Rita utilizes the deformation of figures, intensification of natural colours, the relationship between the shapes and lines to create abstraction hence, encouraging the viewer to create their own narrative about the painting.



Rita Krupaviciute experiments with the narrative around humanity, observing us from the wider perspective as being part of the Universe and nature. She investigates transforming the reality of nature, in terms of the humanity in art. A dominant part of Rita Krupaviciute’s work is to dissect the invisible, individual connections within society in relation to psychology and elements of hidden emotions like eroticism.