"Art for me is a way of communication and connection to the world"

I am a contemporary artist based in London with over 10 years of experience in art and a background in architecture. My work is very imaginative and is formed around a subject which symbolizes adventure, youth, and mystery. Art for me is a way of communication and connection to the world. I am aiming to solve the mystery of the shape and colour and it’s incredible impact on us.

My work is inspired by the studies of pre-space age and cosmos. Further inspiration comes from visiting places. I love to explor e alternative sites, such as post Utopian places across Europe, visiting abandoned buildings and playgrounds.

I am using oil paints as a medium with an emphasis on contemporary art. This painting medium gives me the feelfeeling of belonging and connectio n to old masters masters. I love to experiment with paint merging and mixing paint styles and technique in contrast to one another, such as glazing and impasto.

I am a two-handed artist, ambidextrous. Having no dominant painting hand or painting with two hands simultaneously deeply directs my creative thinking and the process of painting.