I began my studies in 2009 where my theme and passion for conceptual art began. Wanting to learn specific skills and understand how to manipulate materials, in 2013 I graduated with a Masters in 3D Materials Practice, Wood, Metal, Plastics and Ceramics (WMCP) from The University of Brighton. Since I have been living and working in London. My studio is based in Trinity Buoy Wharf and I'm a member of Trinity Art Studio. I create commissions for inspired individuals and continue to develop my practice.



It is my belief that materials of the human race have just as valid aesthetics as their virginal material resource. For this reason my work is focused around the human body's intricate materials which we love and care for, yet once removed we seem repulsed. For example hair; we spend thousands of pounds on our hair in a life-time but when we find a single hair in our food, we are revolted. My intention is not to shock, but to question people's preconceptions and explore personal significance as I believe ultimately, these materials help build our identity.



I began accumulating and diagnosing a durational analysis of my own bodies’ materials back in 2008. However, not until four years later did I realise my research had crafted a 'Body of Work'. Presented to the public, they found a natural curiosity to make direct comparisons and connections between themselves and my practice.
Using this information, I approached the public and collected their bio-materials in order to create artefacts that provided key times in one’s life. Through an intricate coded process of material tests I created the Placenta Photo Frame In 2013, a media frenzy broke out surrounding the piece, bringing attention from all over the world and, although not intentional, it was because of this the Placenta Photo Frame became a sellable product. Since my aim is to create a sellable range of mementos which suggests personal significance and identity and continue to develop and exhibit my 'Body of Work'.



Please be aware that my work follows Health and Safety regulations at all times and has been assessed and certified by the Faculty Research Ethics and Governance Committee (FREGC) . I follow an ethical structure ensuring my work is executed and created in an appropriate manner.