Gillian Burrows is one of the UK’s most loved and leading artists since the 80’s. She has encapsulated the changing landscapes of London and the world. Her work radiates joy and is renowned for its healing qualities. With huge success painting for corporate companies & private clients, including NHS, Gillian’s art is highly sought after, as a philanthropist, she has raised considerable funds for charities, helping to nurture and inspire talent in the art world through mentorship and workshops. Gillian is now on a fantastic journey, moving from her traditional style of painting to pushing the boundaries of form- less, vibrant abstract work.


She fuses iconic symbology of skylines and the Fibonacci spiral as found though nature to tell the story of the world as we experience it. She is exploring new techniques in order to express this powerful, healing interplay of nature and manmade iconography. Creating from the heart, her painting is expressed on the canvas through her extensive expertise.