We are all human and have the same experiences, we all feel the same things

I use my practice as a bridge between the self and the collective. I think a lot about the context in which my experiences occur and invite people and animals to partake in my reimagining and revisiting of them.


An allegorical approach allows me the luxury of brutal honesty as I meander through social, cultural, political and most importantly gendered ideas. I construct narratives in bright colors and frantic gestures. The whole exercise is both a search for closure and a way for me to reclaim the agency that one is assigned but not always allowed to exercise.  


Growing up in post-colonial Pakistan confronted me with several physical and psy-chological dialectical phenomena and so I endeavour to embody the 1970’s feminist slogan “the personal is political” in my practice. Staying within the personal sphere frees me of the danger being presumptuous.


While creating art and in retelling stories through my own viewpoint I have complete control over every aspect.


It is freedom and power.