COUNTER | BALANCE: Trinity Art Gallery

Counter | Balance is a group exhibition of 42 UK and International artists hosted by Trinity Art Gallery in collaboration with Artcan. Each artist has created work that explores the shades of the emotional sphere. It wants to be a place of expression of how any of us approaches feelings of any kind. To Counter | Balance means to balance something with something that has an equal but opposite effect. This exhibition intends to be an opportunity to display the endless ways each of us explores the opposites within ourselves. It’s about feeling intensely, one way or the other. The result is a display of a large array of artworks, from sculpture to painting that shows the different nuances of the emotional sphere. A palette of colours and media that depicts the diverse takes on life. 


'Nowadays, our emotions seem to be compartmentalized, bottled up in the midst of our everyday life.

Counter | Balance wants to be a space where all those feelings are left free to roam around. It is about feeling intensely one way or another. The palette of colours and media displayed in this exhibition depicts some of the different ways humans express their inner thoughts and perceptions whether they are positive or negative.'


Antonella Acerra – October 2019