VESTIGES & BLOOM: Trinity Art Gallery

Trinity Art Gallery is pleased to present Vestiges and Bloom, a photography exhibition by Michele Turriani.


Vestiges and Bloom is a celebration of the Royal Docks heritage. Showcasing large scale photographic still lifes, each imposing colour image combines found materials and opulent flower compositions. The found materials featured testify to the Royal Docks’ rich maritime, commercial and industrial past and they are sourced from derelict industrial sites and from the docks. Bricks, weathered rope, chain, metal and wood fragments: all relics of the powerful impulse the docks gave to the area, to the country at large, and to world trade. These objects are arranged and photographed with lavish flower designs to evoke and symbolise the force of regeneration now energising the Royal Docks.


Images are captured using the soft, diffused light employed by 17th century Flemish painters. They are informed by the tradition of still life painting and delight with vibrant colour and nuanced tonal range.

The photographs’ impactful presence and size belies a delicate and intricate level of finer and finer detail as the viewer approaches each piece.