The ceramics, which reference everything from lizard scales to the Kaab el Ghazal (Moroccan gazelle cookies) baked by her mother, are glazed with patterns designed by James that, in their simplicity, resemble the cave drawings of ancient humans.

Talia is a ceramicist who uses texture, form and pattern to create contemporary ceramics. Originally a textile and graphic designer for luxury fashion brands, Talia turned to ceramics to look at new ways of exploring design.


This led to her spending time in Mashiko, Japan where she worked in a pottery workshop and learnt to step away from a perfect factory produced look, allowing room for the material and making process to resonate in her pieces.


Talia’s objects strive to display their provenance and the marks of the maker alongside the natural textures of the clay.


Based in London, she spent ten years designing textiles for brands such as Ted Baker before devoting herself full-time to her practice. Her genius with pattern and her deep understanding of ancient processes and forms make for unique, one-of-a-kind ceramics that, while functional, are ultimately usable sculptures.