“Painting for me is mental therapy. A way to eject the noisy thoughts and clutter from my mind. Transfering them in shapes and colour onto a sheet of canvas, where I can reflect and make sense of it all. I like to begin a painting with no fixed agenda or direction and let it take me on a journey.”


Switching from a career in extreme sports, Ian launched his art career in 2004 at a solo show in Poland Street, Soho, London. He set up an arts collective at Greenwich Market 2005, establishing an art market that still operated to this day. Later in 2005 he set up ‘Trinity Art Studios’ by the Rivers Lea and Thames at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E14. From here he continues to paint, sculpt and kayak! In 2016 Trinity Art Studios underwent a massive expansion enabling a new arts collective to be born. In early 2018 he opened Trinity Art Gallery in partnership with Ballymore’s London City Island