Godless Goddesses: Trinity Art Gallery

Trinity Art Gallery presents, Godless Goddesses, the largest solo exhibition to date by Triana Terry. 


The exhibition introduces a new body of Triana’s large-scale, vibrant works that investigate contemporary portrayals of female inner strength.


The exhibition is a tribute to all of those women who, at some stage of their life, felt trapped by a particular situation and coped between the blindness and realisation of their torment. The vulnerability that accompanies this state, along with the process and transition to feeling strong again, is a phenomena the artist has set out to capture through this series of paintings.


Lead into a journey of powerlessness, realisation and euphoria, the exhibition invites the viewer to ‘reflect’ while facing the stories of those incredibly women.


Godless Goddesses focuses on women’s stories of trauma, pain and recovery. Terry listened to their stories and through painting their portraits, she has studied the emotional echos etched upon their faces and the compassion shining through their eyes. 


Terry’s artistic practice draws heavily on the artist’s career as an actress. In her training as an actor Terry learned how to study a fictitious character and bring it to life through acting. 


Godless Goddesses exhibition is a reverse of that. She has studied real life women and their traumatic experiences and used that to create a series of fictional characters.